The Rustic Rose

About us:

We are many….my late husband, Scott and I were blessed with 8 amazing children. From 30 to 11yrs, we have lots of history! Moving to Iowa from Colorado in 1998, we landed our perfect home. A century old farm that had been restored from ruin with an eye to preserve history and character.

Even the “Big” barn ….how clearly it spoke of a colorful heritage. The local carousel had been restored within its walls, the weathered siding and shake roof battered by many a gale, but it stood strong and noble protecting the house from northwesterly winds. Preserved with a new roof the barn continued to serve an essential purpose on our farm.

Most memorable purpose and our favorite? Hosting Parties. Late at night after the echoes of laughter, applauding, whooping ,singing or, country music died down Scott and I would walk through sealing doors tight there was always a sense of satisfaction, a night well spent inside those historic walls. Memories were created, friendships sealed and milestones celebrated; we had a great gift in this amazing structure and sharing it gave us a deep sense of well -being. Could we be more generous with this gift??

The answer was a whole hearted  “YES “ and shortly before Scott left us for his heavenly home, he and I decided it was time! Many of our dearest friends joined our family in the aftermath of his funeral and applied ourselves vigorously to the task of creating a breath taking venue for all to appreciate. Our work together was healing as toiling shoulder to shoulder with family and friends on missions or at home was a memory of Scott we all cherished.

Our hope is that you will gain a sense of  our Scott’s generous  dedicated heart as you create your memories in our Rustic Rose….he was passionate about affecting generations to come through family and faith . Is it not true that celebrations serve to anchor these pillars of society?

The tradition of celebration will be sustained as you live out your unique life story creating centuries of memories within the walls of The Rustic Rose Barn. Thank you for joining in our story!