The Rustic Rose

“Creating Centuries of Memories”

History is made by memories…..without memories family life and entire cultures would lose their heritage and meaning. Our venue is built upon memories that span over more than one hundred years. As you enter our century old barn, the craftsmanship weaves a rich story. From the hand hewn pegged beams to the fieldstone walls crafted on site in the late 1800’s these details echo from the surrounding prairies that a life began on this homestead with hardship and toil beyond our modern day understanding. Family life and industry was born and endures until this day on this plot of coal black Iowa soil. It is our honor to add more pages to this timeless storybook and share the wealth and beauty created in those golden olden days with you. We invite you to become part of this tale by adding memories to your life history within our ageless walls. Let these walls embrace you as they have the families whose history wove the threads to design the colorful tapestry of our lives.

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3275 400th St, Roland IA 50236